Our freelance writers need to provide appropriate photos with their article. This post tries to clarify their doubts on the same.

Size of the Photos

Ideal size for image is 250x250px (Need not be square, but landscape format goes well with our layout).

You may use ‘public domain’ images or images selected from free as well as paid photo sites like Flickr, iStock Photo, etc. To cut the photo to right size, use a photo editing software, like the one at http://www.irfanview.com. Options to add canvas (border) and resize the image are available in the edit menu in Irfanview.

Copyright-Free Photos

Make sure you do not use any copyrighted images. Check for watermark and copyright inscriptions (at the bottom of the photo, in small letters); these two are the marks of a copyrighted photo.

Plus, far as possible, use photos available from free or paid images sites mentioned above. You will have to buy their membership, if it’s a paid site. Alternatively, look for ‘public domain’ images on the web.

Choice and Modifications of the Photos

The choice and the modification of photos are also important. The photos have to be of maximum 250 pixels in width and as square as possible. You can choose a rectangular photo (maximum dimension being 250 pixels again), but make sure that it is landscape (horizontally rectangular) and not portrait (vertically rectangular).

Grainy, unclear, or irrelevant photos will not be accepted. If you have the expertise, you can also modify the photos. What we mean by modification is performing graphics work on the photos, like joining two photos, using graphics, superimposing words, etc.

Title of the Photos

Also, we need to name the photos (don’t confuse ‘name or title’ of the photo with ‘caption’, which is something else) we choose for our news and features appropriately. If you cannot think of a name, then choose the headline/heading of the news or feature itself as the title of the photo. The photos’ labels are apparent to the readers, and it will be a mistake to think that the readers are not able to see what we have named the picture. Pointing the mouse on the photo provides them the name. So kindly be careful.

Photo Captions

You need to provide captions too with the photos. There is a slot within the “Create Content” on TJ (TJ is the contraction for The Journeyer) page where you can write/paste caption text. Try to describe what’s happening in the photo. Or link the photo with some interesting fact within the article. With people in the photo, you need to identify the chief characters within the photo. Provide, in parentheses, how the names are identified in the photo, like this: (from left).

Any questions on the above? Just get in touch with the core team — shoot us a mail, message us on Yahoo Messenger, or just give us a tinkle.

Happy writing,

Cosmos Writers Editorial Team