Hi, Jatin.

Can you kindly edit The Journeyer copies better in future? Here: http://www.thejourneyer.net/smart-moms-share-house-and-family-work-together-33237.html. This was a very poorly written article and edited equally badly. We need to reject articles this poorly written straightaway.

The issues start from the title of the article: “Smart Moms Share House and Family Work Together!” Share together? Can we share something separately?

The rest of the article is just terrible; weak ideas, presented even more weakly, and one of the poorest diction I have come across in recent times. For instance, does she even know the meanings of words incoming and splendor? Even if she does know their meanings, she doesn’t know how these words work in a sentence. She also doesn’t know how the word fulfilling works, or even break through, which is decidedly a compound word, breakthrough. And all these diction issues in one graph alone.

Here, the original masterpiece for you: A mom taking care of one and all of the family, fulfilling them with all needs will make a break through when she is incoming bucks to add to her function at home. With this additional responsibility she adds one more feather to her hat making her more and more splendor.

Her pathetic diction is evident in the entire piece. Kindly go through the article again to see what I mean. You should have just canceled it; no need to publish such crappy pieces.

I can go on like this with the rest of the article, but I gotta stop somewhere. Better things to do. So I stop now.

Too much work is involved in writers like her. The issue is as much with her English, which is terrible, as with her ideas and the way her brain works; she is not focused on clear communication at all. With non-writers like her, it’s best to just leave them alone and not have anything to do with them, unless they are paying us to train them.