I have attached the list of PR companies and production houses that we have to maintain relation with. I have also attached my file on communication with these firms.

Your objective is to renew contact with these firms and maintain the relation in a way that they remember TJ and you.

To maintain a relation with them, we can receive and publish their press releases, movie reviews, star photos, help them publicise their movie releases, carry their trailers, etc. We can also interview PR firms’ clients or stars when a movie is being released. Anytime some big shot or big star is in Nagpur, you can personally interview him.

Kindly go through both the attached files. You have a file on who to contact and you have another file on how to contact them and what to write to them.

Kindly also try to fill the missing information in the PR contacts file. You need to keep this file updated, complete with latest contact information, contact person, remarks, what happened last with them, what communication took place between you and them, etc.

Discuss with me if you don’t understand something after going through the files.