Niche Portal, Community Portal

Do you target a specific community as your clients? Our Community Portal service is the perfect match for your brand equity.

We can build and maintain a comprehensive niche or community portal that keeps your target readers abreast of all the news and developments pertaining to your niche or community.

So if you are a community radio station catering to a specific group of people, we will cover your targeted community through relevant news, interviews, articles, features, forum, community-specific chat rooms, weekly polls, etc. All this will not only improve your search engine rankings and make you way more noticeable on the web than you might be now, it will also make you stand out as the community leader.

If you operate within a niche and like to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen area, we can help you improve your brand value. Niche themes can be Retail Stores, Religious Communities, Finance & Insurance, Health & Wellness, Clubs, Hobbies & Games, Wedding & Events, Hobbies & Sports, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Home & Garden, Automobiles, Hospitality, Restaurants & Catering, Bars & Cafes, Adult Entertainment, Legal, etc.

Our Client Portals and Websites

Here are some of the portals and websites we have built and now manage and maintain daily or weekly, depending on client’s requirements:

Radio Brisvaani 1701 AM,

Australia Event Booking Agency,

Indian Cultural Heritage Blog, and

Brisbane Diary 24×7 News.

We have designed and now regularly maintain the above websites, doing editorial contents daily, handling server issues, and taking care of the daily maintenance. We can do a similar job for you.

Here are our rates ( job falls within our Premium plan): Our Service Plan