Designing Services

Cosmos Media offers cheap yet professional services in website designing, website maintenance, and graphics designing. Charging only USD99 per graphics design, we finalise the design only when the customer is satisfied. Plus, you pay only when you are satisfied with the end result.

Graphics Designing

Here’s what we can design for you.

  • Logo
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Promotional material
  • Letterhead
  • Flyer


Here are our starting rates.

  • Website designing: USD499 (starting rate)
  • Website maintenance and regular updates: USD499 per month (starting rate)
  • Graphics designing (per design rate): USD99 (starting rate)

Sample Works

Here are our most recent graphics designing works: Brisbane Indian Connexion

Every issue of Brisbane Indian Connexion, the bi-monthly magazine above, is designed by us, including most of the advertisements you see in it.

Here are our most recent website designing & maintenance jobs:

Australia Event Booking Agency,

Brisbane Diary 24×7 News,

Udit Narayanin Brisbane Concert,

Indian Cultural Heritage Blog.

We maintain 24×7, writing news and articles, updating contents daily, keeping hackers away, creating regular backups, handling server issues, and making sure the website is up and running all the time. If you want a similar website made, we’ll do it for only USD999. You get the following in one-time website building and designing charge of USD999:

  • Domain name as well as website hosting on a reliable server for one year
  • 6-page website designed
  • 3 features included in the site
  • SEOed content written for the 6 pages

After we have built your website, we can also maintain it for USD499 per month (starting rates). You get the following in monthly maintenance charge of USD499:

  • 4-5 updates in a week, if required by your website
  • Minor tweaks to the website to maintain it and keep it in ship-shape condition
  • Server faults and issues looked after
  • Weekly backups (and restoring, if the website develops irreparable faults)
  • Daily webmastering

Kindly note that website building and designing charge of USD999 (Standard Plan) includes everything you need to get the site going: domain name, webhosting, server settings, SEOed contents, website designing, etc. You just pay half the money upfront, get the site up and running in about a week’s time, and then pay the rest after you are satisfied with the results. You need to deposit (in advance) only USD499 per month, if you wish us to maintain your site for you.

Website Designing and Website Maintenance Charges

The following are our website designing and maintenance charges, complete with SEOed contents

  • Basic plan: 3-page basic website without features*: USD499 (With SEOed contents and designing)
  • Standard plan: 6-page standard website with 3 features*: USD999 (With SEOed contents and designing)
  • Premium plan: 10-page premium website — complete with SEOed contents and all the desired features — designed, hosted, and maintained** on our server: USD1999
    • With this plan, we look after your website for you, so you can focus on your core business
    • Subsequent months’ maintenance costs USD499 per month


  • Additional pages, content-written and designed, cost USD99 per page
  • Additional features cost USD499 per feature
  • Subsequent months’ maintenance costs USD499 per month

*Features include specific functions you want your site to perform, like collecting online payments from users through a payment mechanism, presenting users with a shopping cart, having a pay-per-post mechanism, supporting social media activities for the readers, etc.

**Hosting and maintenance means keeping your website in ship-shape condition, always running, and regularly updated, 24x7x365. It includes managing daily server issues, minor tweaks to the website, and 2-3 updates every week (at least 20 updates in a month).