– 10 –

The day following Rose’s birthday, sitting in his rocking chair and staring at the ceiling, Peter was still musing over Rose’s coldness the day before.

‘O Rose! Must you be so cruel to me? Do you not want to be happy, to be loved? The more I want you, the more you… seem to… to get away from me. My life is so… empty without you. When you are not around it’s like… nobody’s home…’

‘That Jack….’ He sounded angry and got up from the chair with resolve in his eyes.


Peter’s entered the room. Linda was already there. She didn’t appear very happy.

‘Hey Linda, I thought Jack was going to be here.’

‘Jack’s gone, Peter. For good.’

‘Gone? For good? Gone where?’

‘They didn’t tell me anything.’

‘They?’ Peter’s heart skipped a beat.

‘Rose is gone with him…’

‘What…? Rose… Why…? Why…? ….Why…?  …Why…?’

– End –

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