Can you spot two grammar mistakes in this headline from a leading Indian daily?

“Early of knock of monsoon rejoice farmers, residents”

The mistakes got past the reporter as well as the subbing desk. So much for multiple editing checks.

The headline was still not changed the last I checked (just before posting this blog); TOI needs to lay off the lazy.

Anyway, here are the mistakes. I had posted this reply soon as I read the piece:

It’s amazing to see two big mistakes in a simple sentence from a national daily. That too in a headline!

A. “Early of knock of”

No need for explanation here. Even a ten-year-old can find the mistake.

B. “knock of monsoon rejoice farmers”

Subject-verb agreement: singular subject needs a singular verb; ‘rejoice’ is a plural verb here. Kindly make your subject agree with its verb.

It doesn’t behove a national daily to commit this kind of elementary grammar mistakes, and that too in a headline, no less. Come on, TOI! Live up to your name.