Mark every paragraph on a scale of one to ten, add all the paragraph scores, and then divide the total by the number of graphs. Then, to this resultant figure, add or subtract marks depending on the write-up’s overall coherence and assessment.

Judge the write-up vis-à-vis the following criteria.

  • Correct grammar and English usage
  • Focused writing
  • Sentence structure
  • Transition of ideas
    • Within paragraphs as well as within the whole write-up
  • Words and vocabulary
  • Spellings
  • Use of appropriate phrases
  • Punctuation
  • Whether reliable facts are provided and/or cross-checked (if test is taken on computer)
  • Proper research and cross-checking of facts is of paramount importance
  • Proper lead (if news writing is the test)
    • 30 words roughly
    • Provides the news facts in a nutshell
  • Proper heading
    • Concisely written
    • Provides the gist of the news in the first 3-4 words (if newswriting is the test)
  • Well-structured write-up written in a coherent language


As an examiner, ask yourself these.

Has the writer been able to organize the arguments and ideas in a logical sequence?

  • New information after old information and not the other way round

Does the reading become awkward for the reader?

  • Transition of ideas within sentences and paragraphs has to be smooth

Is the content informative and interesting (or as interesting as it can be) throughout?

  • Has he found the weak parts and worked on them?

Has the writer matched the writing style, tone, and purpose of the write-up?

Has the writer maintained the consistency of language and tone throughout the document?

Has the writer checked clichés, pretentious language, homonym problems, spelling and punctuation mistakes, vague words and terms, illogical statements and arguments, incorrect possessives, trite expressions, and other problems in the write-up?

Has the writer checked redundancy, wordy phrases, and needless repetitions? Does the write-up contain wordiness?

  • Say more with less words, in a way that every word tells

Has the writer checked his/her word usage?

  • Has he eliminated clichés and used fresh words and phrases instead?

Has the writer replaced the weak or unfitting words with the ones that fit better?