Hi Ayurdhi,

Kindly only write what you have thoroughly checked to be true. Where did you read she is a supermodel? No source has mentioned this. Kindly explain how you could possibly confuse swimsuit model with a supermodel. Where did you read Elin and supermodel in the same sentence? And where did you read two boys and Tiger Woods in the same sentence? Kindly reply with links to where you took these two facts from.

You have a responsibility towards readers: providing them true information that has been thoroughly checked. Of course, you cannot report facts using the usual reporting procedures, still you can double check them before you put them down. And in this instance, no double checking was even required. What was required was keeping your eyes open. Kindly don’t write irresponsibly like this again.

And if you are not sure of a fact, we have a golden rule in media: “When in doubt, leave it out.”

Let’s hear your side of the story.


Ayurdhi’s Response

About nordegren being a supermodel, the terms swimsuit and super, both have been used–




The two boys thing was mistake on my part, since everywhere online it was mentioned as “children”.


Alright Ayurdhi,

There is a difference in a well known source and an unknown online tabloid like timesoftheinternet.com, though gather.com is relatively a better source. But I take it that not being in the media for long, not being told before in as many words, and being of tender age, you could possibly not appreciate the difference. But this is how you learn.

Also, understand that a few fussy readers just love to nail the media when they can. They get a kick out of it. Let’s not give them a chance.

Kindly thoroughly check a fact from now on, if it is coming from an unknown source like timesoftheinternet.com. Having gone through 3-4 sources, I have made up my mind on Elin’s profession. She’s a swimsuit model for sure. But I understand that the definition of a supermodel is vague. Most of the people take her to be a highly paid international model of repute who appears in haute couture shows.

Kindly learn from your ‘boys’ mistake.

Harpreet Bhagrath