Dear Mukti,

A follow up of the recent TJ news edited by you revealed a few issues. Kindly take care of such mistakes in your forthcoming edits.

We need appropriate, right sized, sharp (not grainy) photos that have not been ‘photoshopped’. The photo that the writer had chosen was not only grainy, it was also photoshopped: You can see that someone has worked on the photo to put three photos together, obviously photoshopped. In news like these, you need to ask the writer to change the photo or change it yourself.

Then there were other issues in the edited copy.

A Cardiff University’s team of scientists has…

A team of Cardiff University’s scientists has…

This sub-heading:

samples from all over Delhi

Samples should have been capitalized. Also, the sub-heading has to be a complete thought, so the sub-heading becomes: Samples collected from all over Delhi.

Yamuna River,Ramesh Nagar district,

Punctuation mistake.

The study authors say, “some samples…

Some should have been capitalized.

The authors say,”NDM-1 is widely disseminated

Quote marks need fixing.

Manisha has edited the news again, but I have attached the original news edited by you.

You are not supposed to spend more than 15 minutes on a writer’s copy. If it takes more than that, just call the writer or message him/her on Yahoo Messenger (if he/she is available) to get the write-up corrected. It is OK to call the writer at night if the writer has chosen to write at night. After they submit the news, they are supposed to be accessible to you till it gets published. When the write-up gets published, all responsibility is yours and your pay will be marked down.

We will have to penalise you for this news, I’m afraid, Mukti. Similar such issues were found in the news edited by you before as well, but this is the first time we are apprising you of the mistakes left. (Ideally, it should not come to that.)